Curious about love between an Aquarius with Taurus rising and a Taurus with Gemini rising.

Interesting question! I’m going to take that you mean Aries with Taurus rising though, right? 

Anyway, Aries/Taurus people are drawn to different signs depending on the date, but they all have nurturing, affectionate personalities when it comes to love. They usually put all of themselves into a relationship, as keen givers, however this can become problematic if their partner isn’t into public displays of affection, or lose their own identity in exchange for being too loyal with their partner. Additionally, conflict may arise because Aries/Taurus personalities become very suspicious very easily. 

On the flip side, Taurus/Gemini folks are usually expressive and controlling, and look for long relationships when they find a committed partner. However, it might be dangerous when they get in relationship with a Aries/Taurus, because they expect others to fall in line with their demands. Once a good give-and-take is established, with the Gemini/Taurus learning to give space and freedom to their partner while still being faithful, and the Aries/Taurus trusting their partner while remembering to be themselves, harmony is achieved.

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